Our rsidential crews have installed over 1500 tile roofs on homes just like yours since 1989. We specialize in new tile roofs and re-roofing tile roofs using your existing tiles.

From start to finish, our crews can completely re-roof a typical 2000 square foot home in as little as four days. Please check out our Residential Gallery and our Recent Projects.

"Our Tile Roof is Leaking... and it's only 15 years old, isn't it supposed to last forever?"

Yes, the tile will last for ever but it's not the tile's job to keep you dry – It’s the underlayment.

Each layer of 30 lb. underlayment will waterproof for 15 -18 years before the oil dries out of the felt. To cut costs, many of the homes built in Southern California in the 90s were given only one layer of waterproofing. If your roof is leaking, and your neighbor's roof is leaking, your tract was probably only given one layer of waterproofing.

We can completely reroof your home using your existing tile for about half the cost of a new tile roof.

We are one of the few companies in the state that specialize in re-roofing using your existing tile. We use a new two (2) ply felt underlayment system and provide you with a Fifteen (15) year no leak warranty.

What are the advantages using your existing tile?

  • The tile on your roof is stronger than new tile due to curing. Curing causes Concrete to become denser over the years, making it stronger, harder and less likely to break when servicing the roof.
  • Your existing tile already matches the color of your home.
  • Tiles on a 15 year old roof contain through body colors. This means the tile color was mixed directly into the concrete prior to being formed so the tile is the same color inside and out. If the color of your tile appears faded it is probably due to a dirt film build up that can be easily removed by a power washing .
  • Using your existing tile helps our environment by not clogging landfills with tile debris and saves on resources that would be needed to make your new roof tiles.

Our craftsmen start by dismantling your roof piece by piece and removing the existing worn-out felt underlayment. Two layers of #30 pound roofing felt are then installed on the cleaned existing plywood substrates. This new waterproofing membrane will give your home approximately 30 years of leak free service. Next we install all-new metal flashings on your roof. After chalking horizontal and vertical lines to ensure straightness, your existing tile is then reinstalled by nailing every piece to prevent against slid tiles years from now. We will replace all broken tiles at the end of the job (yes, it's included). All new replacement tiles will be as closely color matched as possible to your existing tile. To further ensure color continuity throughout your roof we will install these replacement tiles in the least conspicuous area on your home, usually in the back or on the backside of your home.
Your roof will look straighter and fresher than it did before we started, guaranteed, all in about three days (for a 3000 sq. ft. roof).

Upon completion of your job and you will receive a Fifteen (15) year no leak warranty from us and if you checked out our website you know we will be there if you ever need us.

Please click the link below to watch the re-roofing process step by step.

Residential Re-Roofs Gallery - See Re-Roof Process Gallery


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